Conversations About Care

1 & 2 March, 2018

A conference presenting the latest in client-centred care and integrated practice.

Program outline

More program details to come.

Thursday 1 March, 2018Session
MorningMy experience of care
Consumers and primary carers will present their experience of receiving care from health services, sharing how it impacts their health and wellbeing.

Featuring Susan Alberti AC and others.
AfternoonHealth literacy: communicating care
Presentations and panel featuring experts from the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health.
Friday 2 March, 2018
MorningCaring in partnership
How can we work together to deliver holistic care?

Panel discussion facilitated by Professor Amanda Kenny, RN Midwife PhD.

Presentation: What is the role of community health in a contemporary society?
Catherine Morley, CEO of Rural Northwest Health.

Presentation: Establishing partnerships with consumers.
John Aiken, Rural Northwest Health.

AfternoonCapacity building in Care
How can interdisciplinary care support better outcomes for consumers? What do consumers want to see from their health care providers?