Conversations About Care receives support from Health Issues Centre

North Richmond Community Health is pleased to announce that our 2018 conference, Conversations About Care, is the recipient of a Practice Partners Program grant from Health Issues Centre.

Conversations About Care will be a multidisciplinary conference which provides an opportunity for consumers to share their stories with healthcare professionals. With a broadened understanding of consumer needs and insights, professionals will be given the tools to improve their practice, and health outcomes in their communities.

Health Issues Centre will not only be providing financial support through the Practice Partners Program, but will be offering its expertise as a leading consumer advocacy organisations.

“Health Issues Centre’s support and insight will be invaluable in our efforts to improve consumer outcomes and help change consumer health care practices,” says Demos Krouskos, CEO of North Richmond Community Health. “We’re looking forward to promoting innovative practices and a new inclusive, responsive and integrated care approach.”

Danny Vadasz, CEO of Health Issues Centre, says, “North Richmond Community Health is setting an example of how health services can include members of the community in major planning. Their Conversations about Care conference will weave consumer experiences throughout the agenda.”

The conference is a large part of North Richmond Community Health’s effort to develop our own practices, share our knowledge and ultimately improve outcomes for our communities.

The conference is the third in the Where the Mind Meets the Mouth series, which began in 2018. According to Where the Mind Meets the Mouth founder Dr Rachel Martin, it’s time to give consumers a voice in healthcare.

“This project, with Health Issues Centre’s support, provides us with an opportunity to open up a dialogue between clinicians and consumers,” says Dr Martin. “Everyone deserves to have a voice in their own health experience.”

You can read more about the Health Issues Centre at their website.